Rules and Regulations

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On behalf of Oneplus3T  team, welcome to Oneplus3T Sub forum

1. Search before posting anything:
Yes, there are chances that some user has already posted the same thing before you, be it any news, or any doubt or problem you have regarding your device. So always search first, and you will save the whole lot of time in creating a thread.
Repeated threads will be deleted.
2.Use English as common language:
As this a Global Forum and English is used widely every where, so it is always better to communicate through English as well as create any thread in English only.
If you have problem with it, contact any MOD of this section through PM.

3. No spamming:
Spamming means anything from replying in any thread with just words like “Thanks”, “Great” or just Smileys etc. Or creating unnecessary threads with no content So refrain from it. Those replies and threads will be deleted, and user will be issued a warning. But if he/she continues it even after notifying, it may lead tobanning them from the forum.

4. No Irrelevent posts:
Irrelevent means anything not related to this section or anything not related to the matter in hand.
So if a user has posted any thread regarding any problem, you may help him/her by giving solution or your experience.
Same goes for threads, don’t make threads not related to oneplus

5. No Nudity, Profanity, Racism and Swear words:
Strict measures will be taken against such users, kindly refrain from it.

6. Clear title:
This is for user’s good. If you are posting any thread, make sure it’s title is clear and it some how tells what will be the contents of your thread or what your want.
If its any problem your are facing, you can clearly mention that in the thread like “My oneplus3t is not charging, please help”.
Title is what we or any user sees first, so make sure it is clear so to get user’s attention.

7. Enough contents:
A thread with just one line won’t do it. It is considered as spam as we won’t be able to understand what you want. So it is always better to add some contents. Your thread will look good and attract more attention too.

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